Coconut Rice with Lime Shrimp

Creamy and stick coconut rice serves as the perfect bed for bright and herbaceous cilantro lime shrimp.


Main Dishes




4-6 People

Prep Time:


Cook Time:

25 min



2 OZ
Jasmine rice
14 OZ
Coconut milk
13.5 OZ
50 OZ.
Large raw shrimp, peeled and deveined
22 OZ
Black pepper
1/2 TSP
Ground cumin
1/2 TSP
Lime juice
2 OZ


  1. Add cilantro to mixing bowl. Chop for 8 seconds / speed 8.
  2. Remove chopped cilantro from mixing bowl and set aside. Rinse and dry mixing bowl.
  3. Set simmering tray into mixing bowl and tare scale. Add rice.
  4. Remove simmering tray and rinse rice under cool water until water runs clear. 
  5. Set simmering tray back into mixing bowl.
  6. Pour water and coconut milk over rice. Add 1/4 teaspoon salt and stir rice with spatula.
  7. Steam for 10 minutes / speed 2. Stir rice with spatula.
  8. Season shrimp with remaining salt, black pepper and cumin. 
  9. Add shrimp in even layer to deep and shallow steaming tray. Put lid in place and steam for 10 minutes / speed 2.
  10. Remove steamer tray and set aside. Empty rice in simmering basket into mixing bowl.
  11. Put steamer tray back in place and flip shrimp. 
  12. Cook additional for 5 minutes / 230°F / speed 1 / reverse.
  13. Remove shrimp from steamer tray and toss with reserved chopped cilantro and lime juice. 
  14. Serve over coconut rice. Enjoy your meal!


Chef Tips:
  • Add a teaspoon or two of sugar to rice to make a sweeter sticky coconut rice

  • Shrimp can also be thread onto wooden skewers for easy flipping in shallow steaming basket

  • Add red pepper flakes to shrimp for a bit of heat